All works and prices are for personal and non-commercial use only! For commercial works and prices, please contact me directly via the contact form.

Paypal, cash or bank transfer.

Paypal only.

All prices and payments in CHF (Swiss Franks). Shipping costs will be charged separately.

Prints and other merchandise are available through Redbubble, Original drawings are available via etsy. If you prefer to purchase an original drawing directly, please contact me via the contact form.

All drawings are signed and a personalized signature can be requested. Please be aware that I only accept returns of items that were not created upon specific request and do not have a personalized signature.

All prices are a rough estimate, please contact me directly for a more accurate price for your commission.


SIZE A4 = 210 x 297mm
Original drawings range between

CHF 90.- for no background, medium detail
to CHF 250.- with background, high detail.
Shipping not included.


Prices for original works range from

CHF 200.- for no background, medium detail
to CHF 500.- with background, high detail.
Shipping not included.


I will only draw non-copyright protected material. The customer is responsible to check if the commission contains copyright protected material.

The client has the right to use the image freely and distribute it as liked, as long as it is not used commercially and no monetary gain is involved. I will hold onto my rights to the commission, to reproduce the commissioned image and use it for prints, books or other merchandise. If the original image was not purchased, I will retain the right to sell it.


Please do not ask for:

  • sexual content
  • extreme violence
  • fan art
  • political content
  • tattoo designs


All commissions are personalized items and cannot be exchanged or returned.

It is possible to return original drawings that had not been created upon order and do not have a personalized signature within 30 days.

If it happens that I can’t – whatever the reason might be – finish the commission, the money will be returned. If the clients themselves prevent me from completing the commission, fees will not be reimbursed.

The client receives multiple work in progress-images during the process, to be able to ask for changes. If the client never mentions any problems when seeing the work in progress photos, I will not return the money once the drawing is finished.


General Legal Information
This information page gets linked to every client before I accept their commission. I expect clients to read and understand the page and approach me BEFORE ordering if they have questions or complaints about the content.

Once the order for a drawing is given, I will assume the page was read and understood.

For any further problem concerning the commissions, I will use the laws written in the Swiss Code of Obligations, generally known as OR, which covers contracts of any kind.