Current mood: Tired as hell. 

I think this will be my Xmas card. I’ll add a red nose and a Santa hat, then it will do. I hope. x.x

Experimenting with a few things.  
It turned out… very 80ties-fantasy-art. O-o

Eh, no idea, was mostly to try a few things out. I can now say a few things for sure: drawing spiraling worlds is pretty darn hard. And I have no idea how the string parts of a para glider work~.

Since this one is mostly just experimental, feel free to throw any thought you have on it at me. Personally, I think it’s pretty… flat? Emotionally flat, if that makes any sense. But that could just be me: A few friends saw it in the making and love it.

A4 Commision of the Pen and Paper character Burnscale. :D

First time in my life that I’m drawing fan art of a person that exists in this reality.

For Jean-Baptiste Chandelier and his clip Weightless, that really inspired me to keep pushing forward in the last month. :)

I made it! I’m a plant hoarder! <3 My friends started asking if I’m having a problem! <3

(what can I say? I’m good with non-human organisms.)

Finished and scanned version. :D

Lots of blue, because I felt like using that colour~. <3

Adding a black background is always a bit of a 50/50-risk, but here it looks really nice, I think. :D

I wanted to fiddle around with blue. : D

I love such drawings. There is always someone who interprets it as a sign for depression and loneliness that I work with cold colours. And I literally just went with “I LIEK BLUEE!”

We assume the nights are dark because believing in owl lights is considered silly today. And we can only see what we believe in.

Traditional media (mostly watercolours and a bit of colour pencils) on A4 mixed media paper. :)

Work in progress. I got a whole stack of lines laying around and decided to finish a few of them soon. :’D Before starting even more drawings.

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Sometimes we run into a situation we can’t handle. And our minds get tangled in different scenarios, hoping to find a solution for something that is not solvable.

But I always thought that is not such a bad thing. Because a mind can only go as far in one direction as it reaches into the other. Like a pendulum. So, I guess a mind that shreds itself on some days out of desperation to find a way out of the tangles is the price I pay for the good days. And if you ask me, it’s worth it.

Traditional media, 18x25cm

The idea for that one just popped into my mind today morning. Errr…. I have no idea where that came from. -w-

Mosters. :D (My thanks to the tumbler-user who came up with that name!)

How do you guess moss keeps showing up in the strangest places? It migrates~. 

Migrating moss. How did you guess Moss moves to other places?

Work in progress. :)